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  • Drilling/Milling- CNC + NC Vertical 1000mm x 700mm x 500mm
  • Boring – Manual Jig & Horizontal with digital readout & line-boring 1570mm x 1000mm x 1000mm
  • Turning- Ø840mm; (320mm O/Saddle) x 2000mm between centres
  • Grinding- 640mm ring grinding, 210mm under-wheel
(Including but not exclusive to)

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless Steel & Stellite
  • Grey & SG Cast Iron
  • Copper & Copper Alloys (Brass, Copper nickel)
  • Aluminium
  • Plastics including glass filled variants
  • A+W Jigboring Ltd are able to offer customers options on speed of supply, quality and cost. Working with the customer’s free-issue materials, castings and components or sourcing materials from our approved suppliers.

Including Veteran & Vintage Automotive Components*

The manufacturing of classic car parts and our machining capability provides OEM personnel that extra capacity for use in building jigs, tools and fixtures as well as batch production of car restoration parts and standard tolerance parts.

Classic cars need that special bit of TLC that is born out of an appreciation for their beauty. At A+W Jigboring Ltd, we offer an unrivalled engineering service for those classic car components which you are no longer able to buy over the counter.  Not only do we have a rare expertise on classic cars, but also a high quality workmanship for our customers; whether repairing, restoring or fitting classic car parts and spare parts.  If you cannot source the part off the shelf, why not have it made.  Although we are not auto engineers, we have worked on projects with many clients; machining engine blocks, cylinder heads, pump bodies, bearing carriers, fly wheels and much more.

Providing plates, shafts and hubs for various engineering environments, A+W Jigboring Ltd maximise their machine capabilities to complete assemblies for one-off applications or repeat batch production. Our efficient database and Project Management System allow customers peace-of-mind for repeatability of jobs; gaining financial savings from using customised jigs & fixtures and pre-programming with improved lead times.

Fabrications and castings can also be manufactured to customers’ drawings, sketch or samples using reverse-engineering. Bespoke modifications are easily implemented as our skilled CAD/CAM programmer, setter, operators endeavour to meet all customer demands.

Recent Works

This video shows a cast iron cylinder head from a two-stage air compressor. Horizontal boring is used to machine the internal cavities.

Here a cast iron conrod crosshead is being machined on a 4th axis CNC Milling Machine to achieve milled faces, internal bore and milled slots.  Also shown is the internal and external turning on a manual lathe.

The faces of a cast iron drive coupling have been manually turned on a lathe. Vertical Jigboring operations are used to achieve drilled and counterbored holes on a PCD.

Steel casting goes through horizontal milling roughing operation.  The drive post is turned on a manual lathe. Mounting holes are generated using CNC milling machine operations.



Aluminium Differential Case

Cast Iron Cylinder Block

Aluminium Cylinder Head

Aluminium Engine Sump

Industrial Components

High Pressure Cylinder Block

Aluminium Kaywayed Drive Shaft

Aluminium Drive Hub

Aluminium Gun Stock

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